Party Monster!

Today at Bacchus, join us for $6 Jack Daniels all day and night. And don’t miss Randy Cottrell’s wienie roast at 3PM and a special birthday celebration for David Wesley (happy birthday David!) We’re happy to host your party. Never a cover. Always fun! Speaking of fun....

We hope that you’re planning our Halloween Party: Gods & Monsters in three weeks. Dress as your favorite god or monster and enter our costume contest and win the $250 cash grand prize.

For the past few Saturdays, we’ve been giving you ideas and fodder for costumes. Today, we focus on the ridiculous and frightening: bad movie monsters.

There are so many more options for bad (and scary) movie monsters. For those who just want to be sexy and bad, there's the trivially fun flip shirt....

Some horror movie monsters instantly achieve iconic status and proceed to slash, mutilate and maim their way through an ever-increasing stack of sequels until the inevitable jump-the-shark moment when they’re shelved (until it’s time for a gritty, dark reboot).

Others … well, others don’t quite get that chance. For every Michael Myers, there’s a dozen wannabes stalking the shadows of lesser-known horror films, just trying their hardest to scare people. They fail miserably, of course, but where would we be as a civilization without the likes of Gingerdead Man, Leprechaun, C.H.U.D.s and Hobgoblins (click to watch the awful trailers below).

Or you could be a creature from a “good” scary movie…

What will you be for Halloween? We’re looking forward to it!