Nice Ride

Heading out at Bacchus and on the high seas (with The Aloha Bears today?) or just out on the beach or pavement (on foot or in your car or on your bike) you want to do it in style.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

When one sees an attractive male, saying “nice ride” indicates they would like to ride their hot rod.

There may not be a designated or appropriate time and place for catcalling another gay man (often, it's at the bar after a few cocktails), but who doesn't enjoy a compliment now and then?

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.36.48 AM.png

Think Pink

Our Gay Pride Pink Saturday Party is on October 21st (all day). For those in pink we're offering specials drinks and swag at Bacchus.

Have you heard of the Pink Flamingo cocktail?  It's rum, lime juice and pink grapefruit juice- YUM).

Start planning your pink outfit (and accessories) today. Yes, flamingos are accessories! Two weeks to go!

Trivia buffs will be interested in the fact that the backward bending portion of a flamingo’s leg is actually its ankle, the knee is out of sight under the feathers further up the leg and bends the way our knees do.

Here's an over-the-top Pink Flamingo gem: