Anyone Can Whistle…

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Wet Your Whistle
This phrase has been around since the fourteenth century. There’s no hidden meaning in wet—it simply means to make wet and comes from the Old English wæt “moist, liquid.” Whistle is a little harder to decipher. It may refer to a person’s lips or throat (in the same way that “pipe” refers to the throat).

To wet your whistle is to take a drink, to quench your thirst.


Well Drinks Every Wednesday!

Since we’ve been getting wet for the last two days (finally sun today!) - here’s a tribute to whistling (click to play).

Anyone Can Whistle was Steven Sondheim’s quickest failure. It played for only 9 trivial performances in 1964. It was a financial and theatrical flop. The reviews were poor, including, this one from the New York Times:

“In an attempt to be meaningful, Anyone Can Whistle forgets to offer much entertainment.”

So why did it flop? There were many reasons including the actual plot: the mayor of a depressed town conjurs up a fake miracle to attract tourists. The writing: the ending of Act I overtly mocks the audience. The star: Angela Lansbury claims that the musical director was abusive, so the actors didn’t attempt to try anything new. A curse: pre-Broadway cast member passed away from a heart attack and another fell into the orchestra pit.

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