Waiting For The Moment?

With the new year only a few days away, many will be contemplating resolutions.

Bacchus asks: why wait until January 1?
If it’s a change that’s important and if you’re going to be committed to it, start today.

Inner passion makes life much more clear, easy and meaningful. When you live your passion, everything falls into place, and it opens up energy for you to pursue your goals.

Just like the trivial character Nick Bottom in the 2015 Broadway hit Something Rotten imagines in this song, “Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top!” (click image below to play)

But, it is fear and trepidation that prevents us from achieving our aspirations and fulfilling our resolutions. A good stiff shot of tequila (only $5 - all tequilas every Thursday at Bacchus) might be the thing that gives you the gumption to follow through.

Do your best to not let your emotions hold you back.

Slow down, take notice of your emotions and take corrective steps. The Chinese have a phrase, pu shih, which means you accept what comes in life, whether you perceive it to be positive or negative. You create negative emotions when you fight this acceptance. Once you embrace this philosophy, you may see that anything is possible. All you need to do when you meet a barrier — any barrier — is examine it, break it down, and deal with it one step at a time.

Seize the day! Come to Bacchus today and enjoy throwback tunes and $5 tequila and a tasty menu (6-9PM) with $6 pizzas, sandwiches, mac & cheese and more!