Holding Out for a Hero

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With the upcoming Super Bowl (and our Beer Bust), there's banter about "who will be the surprise hero? Who will shine brightest." And it made us realize:

Many of us have been searching for a hero to save us, a hero who’d make everything better.

Traditionally, we look to heroes like firemen (saving our homes, our lives and our pets):

Or Policemen to keep order and enforce the law:

And the military to ensure our safety and freedom:

And they will continue to be our heroes, like our doctors and dentists. And speaking of dentists, for trivia Monday, know that the new Miss Universe's platform for the coming year will be (of all the topics and issues in the world…): dental hygiene! Jeez! Where's she from? These days, we need a new kind of hero.

Click to play Bonnie Tyler's I Need A Hero

Writer Isak Pratt recently wrote:
Alas, there is no superman that will answer our calls for help. The mental S.O.S flares we shoot into the night sky are unanswered. There is no ship coming to sail us safely home. Nobody is coming for us.

Why? Because WE are the superman we’ve been waiting for. WE are the help we’ve been calling out for. WE are the ones that can ensure America continues to shine and be a beacon of hope.

Shutting down, giving up and holding a grudge is not the answer. We must forge ahead with hope, love, and determination. We must continue the good fight and know that whatever may come, we will face it together.

Your heroic transition might all start with a good strong beer or cocktail at Bacchus. Try one today, cocktails are 2-4-1. ;-)