Touchy Feely

The weekend begins today at Bacchus. Come on in for $6 Absolut and a $4 Baker + Butcher sammie. The staff is friendly and the drinks are tasty and you're bound to meet someone new. Always fun. Never a cover!

It's happened to most of us. We're in a bar and we've had a few drinks and someone else who's had a few starts chatting you up…

At first, you're flattered for the attention and you don't mind a little back and forth banter with a guy. You seem to be getting along great when he moves in close and puts his hand on your shoulder. "OK," you think, I don't mind that level of familiarity with someone I just met.

The conversation continues for a few minutes and he starts injecting a bit of sexual innuendo into the chat.

His hand moves to your thigh then grabs your dick. STRANGER DANGER!

Your moment of choice. What do you do?

Keep Calm
The tricky thing about dealing with sexually forward people is that you may feel like beating them or punching their faces sometimes, especially if the person is being very obnoxious and demeaning.

But if you lose your cool, you lose control of the situation. You may feel like you’re in power, but you are no longer operating at the higher consciousness part of your brain. When you lash out at someone, you may end up saying or doing something that you regret later—something we've all been guilty of. 

People who are emotional tend to say the wrong things as they are on an adrenaline rush; even if they regret what they did later, it’s too late as what’s said/done can be hard to retract—especially in today’s world where everything can be recorded and tracked/traced.

Take a Deep Breath, Remove His Hand, Excuse Yourself and Walk Away.

Chances are, they'll back down, but if he still pursues you, let an authority know as soon as possible (the bartender or doorman at the bar, for instance).

We all want to have a good time when we go out. Sure, some of us are looking to hook up, on our own terms.

We'd like you to come to Bacchus and feel comfortable all the time. We'll do our best to take care of you.

Hopefully, you'll go back home, or to your hotel room with the man you've been flirting with all night....because he wanted you and you wanted him. :-)