When it rains in paradise, rest assured that the rain helps maintain the greenery and beauty of the islands. And, at Bacchus, our doors are open and our friendly staff is eager to pour you a tasty cocktail or pull you a delicious draft beer. DJ Kuya is playing tonight at 10pm. Come on in and pick up The Aloha Classic Program and Oahu Visitor Guide and visit Tuki and Andrew and the rest of the guys today....ask Andrew and Luke about their puppies. Speaking of puppies, we're continuing our series about types of gay men. Today, the Dog Owner.

Acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love … these are things dogs give everybody, but gay people haven’t always been the beneficiaries of such gifts from their fellow humans.

Are gays especially appreciative of that canine love — more, perhaps, than someone who’s never experienced intolerance or prejudice?

Gay men have a lot to learn from dog love. Dogs are not judgmental — they will sleep with you any night you come home, even if they smell a raunchy Poodle on your breath. Dogs accept you for who you are. They don’t care whether you sleep with men, women, or stray cats. In fact, they’d prefer you share your bone with everyone as long as they’re not left out in the cold.

But seriously, we love to care for dogs probably because many gay men feel a disconnect with their own families. Dogs live to connect, and the unconditional love a dog offers when he raises a paw or rubs his nose in his new owner’s crotch may be the first true moment of ‘family’ a gay man experiences. A dog can really make a person feel like he’s come home, especially if he’s bearing a bag of groceries or a smelly pepperoni pizza.”

Sadly, certain dogs also experience prejudice. Might gay people be more likely to overlook “what everybody else thinks” by boldly selecting a maligned breed as a canine companion? Who’s more keenly aware of stupidity in this world than gay people? Banning specific breeds of dog is both shortsighted and pointless.

Dogs love to be used, as companions, playmates, bedmates, pets, and accessories! As long as they are loved and properly cared for, they will bloom into wonderful, happy dogs. Unlike gay men, dogs are fairly indiscriminate about the details of their lifestyle.

They’d just as happily dwell in a $20 million villa in Kahala as they would in a double-wide in Waianae.

For a gay man who owns a dog, commitment doesn’t have to hurt — anybody. Is a gay man quicker to give his whole heart to a dog?  It’s fair to say that most gay dog owners are equally, if not more, as devoted to their canine companions as our straight counterparts.

Gay men — some gay men — are unafraid of exaggeration, moved by strong emotion and passion, and tend to go a wee bit over the top. For gay men who truly live for their dogs, they give our whole hearts to everything they love, and their dogs are on the top of the list, right above our partners, parents, and personal trainers.

Dogs can be just as self-absorbed as gay men, and gay men love it. Why else do most gay men dress their pooches up for pride and flaunt them about in costume? Does the doggie mind? Not one bit. His cute outfit will just attract more adoring admirers. For gay men and their dogs, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Whether these hot dudes and their insanely cute dogs are cruising around in their cars, lying out in the sun, sharing a few slobbery canine kisses or showing off their sexy naked bodies, there is one thing you can always be sure of: Man and his Dog are the Holy Grail of all things hot. Enjoy this gallery. :-)

You may have noticed one photo in the gallery of Puppy Play....that's for another blog, another time. We're planning our next Gear Night (for March) and will be offering Mr. S Leather gift cards again.

For Bacchus trivia players, our next Trivia Night is Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is coming up this week on February 13 and 14; you would get points if you know the breed that wins.

Bacchus loves well-behaved dogs. We can't let you bring the dog into the bar for Health Department reasons, but we're happy to provide accommodate your pooch on the lanai if space is available and we'll provide a fresh bowl of water to any dog owner who asks.

Come visit Bacchus this weekend. you'll be glad you did.