Ask Bacchus: Sweet on the Inside

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Bacchus wishes you lusty moments and debauchery on this and every day of love! We know you continue to love our Tap Tuesdays where all 12 of our tap beers are available for $2. All day and all night. Come on by, it's snowbird/tourist season. Greet players as they arrive early for The Aloha Classic and prep for the Chase for the Pineapple Crown....speaking of pineapples...

A customer noticed that the Bacchus Mai Tai recipe does not include pineapple. He wanted advice on tasty pineapple cocktails. He said that he heard pineapple juice made you sweeter on the inside....wink wink, nudge, nudge...

It's true, the Bacchus Mai Tai is made with the original recipe which, surprisingly enough, did not include pineapple or coconut or even orange juice. Those are interesting additions and a nod to tiki culture, but we stick to the standard recipe of rum, orgeat, curaçao and lime juice.

Once satisfied with our explanation, he wanted to know about this myth:

Does eating large amounts of pineapple dramatically change the way our body fluids taste?

You may already know that this myth isn’t total garbage. Your bodily fluids — like sweat and saliva — can all be influenced by your diet and lifestyle habits. For instance, eating lots of fragrant, pungent foods (think spices, garlic, meats, etc.) can make your fluids take on a little more pungent aroma. Ditto for smoking cigarettes or drinking a lot of alcohol. Whereas eating sweeter foods and staying well-hydrated could lead to a less aromatic experience.

But the results aren’t immediate, and it’s more about your overall diet than one pre-sex meal. It takes your body a while to metabolize what you eat, and that can of pineapple juice isn’t going to negate the roasted garlic and anchovies pizza you had yesterday.

We last wrote about Pineapples in October when that bizarre video came out. But today, we're talking body fluids and if this is a kink you're into, you might just want to read up on it. A handy reference is this primer for gay men -and Bacchus Trivia hint for February 23rd; it covers all things related to Water Sports.

And by that we mean less of this:

And a dirtier version of this:

Whichever way you play, some pineapple drinks available at Bacchus that will sweeten your insides include: Blue Hawaii, Singapore Sling, Planter's Punch and our old special cocktail, the 57 Chevy.

Or ask for a little splash of pineapple juice to top off your $2 beer....could be a new trend. Probably not! :-)