Timeout for Jonathan G.

ALOHA! It's Thursday, so we invite you to throwback tequila at Bacchus, it's only $5 today! Below is the next installment in our ongoing timeout series where examine sexy and sporty men from around the world. Take a time out today and this weekend! The Aloha Classic starts soon. Come on by and meet and greet some sporty men from the mainland. Speaking of sporty men… Meet today's blog subject…

He's from Madrid and he's 29 years old. His name is Jonathan Guijarro ("gwee harrrrro"), and if you can roll your r's, you should just keep rolling them…

…the purring sound you're making is very appropriate in his company. He's animalistic, some kind of sultry panther. He's a very fine specimen of physical strength and grace - a quiet beauty. Where does this all come from? His background, of course. It's ballet. Take a look at this video of Jonathan dancing.

He has danced with the Madrid Ballet Nacional de España. And his dance training has sculpted his physique, making it fit, strong and sensual.

He's now turned his attentions to modeling. Because, why not!? :-)

He relies on his dance training and working out 5x/week to keep his physique.

He has one of the most beautiful bodies we’ve seen online, and unlike almost all models, is not usually shaved, or if so, it's trimmed. His hairy-ish chest distinguishes him, giving him a “wild look”, accentuated by deep look and unkempt beard.

Proud of his well-defined abs and pecs and his strong arms, Gujiarro poses for the camera with passion and with a hint of seriousness.

He is not ashamed of his body and is proud of every muscle and hump....sigh....

This Spanish dancer is a man and he looks like a man. His gracefulness comes out in his posing for the camera.

He keeps his private life private, but he's been tagged on Instagram in photos kissing other men. :-) Still, he's Spanish, it could be a cultural thing. Some would say he's smart not to define himself leaving both sexes to desire him. And there's lots of desire to be had. He was named one of the Sexiest Men in the World for 2017 by Code 22 (a European swimwear/underwear company). And sexy men always leave you wanting more....

…and thinking about what they're really like in private. How many shades of gray does he know about...?

Another Thursday and we've fallen in love with another hottie. We invite Jonathan to visit Bacchus at his earliest convenience for a complimentary cocktail. We wonder which look he'll be sporting....

…clothing is required at Bacchus, and a jock strap is considered clothing... :-)

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy the weekend here with the men from Hawaii Gay Flag Football League as they are hosting an invitational flag football tournament, The Aloha Classic. Many visiting players and spectators from the mainland will be in and out of Bacchus through Monday. We hope you get a chance to meet a few or even come to Kapiolani Park to cheer on the teams when they play Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon.

Remember, all tequila is only $5 per shot today and Bacchus Trivia night is only 1 week away.

Speaking of trivia and sexy men and Spain.... did you know that Spanish King Juan Carlos, tired of the job as ruler, abdicated the throne in 2014 to his only son Felipe (who stands 6'6" tall). Felipe is now King Felipe VI.