Friday Night Lights

Aloha Friday means all flavors of Absolut are only $6. Come on in and drink with us today. There are sexy football players in town for The Aloha Classic this weekend and they're spending lots of time at Bacchus. DJ Matt serves up his special version of music and vids tonight at 10PM. No cover. Always fun!

Naughty Bacchus offers up this week's Friday Fantasy and takes us to the world of sports, and locker rooms, and football, and hunks, and jock on....


He wasn't particularly athletic, but he liked hanging around with jocks. Even in high school he loved locker rooms. The funky smell of sweat mixed with testosterone and, yes, other fluids. LOL.

He loved the guys who played football and would stare at them intently and wondered if they got off from constantly crashing into other big, hard guys on the field.

He was never big enough or tough enough to endure playing football, but he was a damned good equipment manager. That meant he laundered uniforms and that included the aforementioned fluid-soaked jock straps. Curiosity got the best of him and he would often hold them over his nose and mouth before he threw them into the washer.

He liked to hang out with the team in the locker room. He would strip down to his jock strap just like the athletes. He furtively looked around to see which player was sporting the biggest bulge. Then he'd go over and start chatting with them.

As equipment manager, he also got to go on all the Friday night road trips with the team. He scoped out the bus and saw where he knew he could enjoy a little privacy. Pretty soon everyone knew that he had the last row to himself.

On the drive home after a Friday night game, the running back slid into the empty seat next to him. No words were spoken, but hands reached for zippers. His head was soon churning like a piston. The running back referred to that night as one of the best "games" of his life.

Some guys on the bus noticed. Not many cared. Until the road trip on the bus after the next away game; there were a couple of guys waiting for some attention. The running back was always first, though. The following week, there were seven guys waiting to "sit" next to him. He started to notice that every week the numbers were steady, but he was particularly active when the team lost.

He soon figured out how to provide the team with a better reward than a quickie in the back of the bus. There was that big leather massage table in the rehab room. The lights were on a dimmer control and it was very private- unless you invited a crowd. :-) But that's another story for another time.

Speaking of crowds, join the masses this weekend for the Aloha Classic games at Kapiolani Park. Check this link to find out when the games will be played. And, come to Bacchus and hang with athletes and other athletic supporters. :-)