Bacchus is obsessed with showing you all a great time. All the time.

Come to Bacchus for the friendly service, tasty drinks and good times. Tonight, DJ Takai entertains us all at 10PM and the HIGFFL hosts a scavenger hunt for the ongoing The Aloha Classic.

Check out some photos from last night (thanks Ty) and join us again tonight! And read about the man you don't want to date below the pics. ;-)

Dating is fraught with dead ends and disappointments. While searching for Mr. Perfect you will come across many who are not ideal — or the second or 99th in terms of desirability or compatibility. Whether you find them on Scruff, Grindr, Growlr, or at Bacchus, the dating experience tends to break down to a few categories.

Ever date someone who was obsessed with you?

Be careful not to mistake obsession for love. (Trivia hint: the song and video Obsession by Animotion was released in 1985, the fragrance for women called Obsession by Calvin Klein was released that same year.) Anyway, the back to the obessed guy... this is a guy that, after a couple dates, is shopping for your wedding bands and talking about your honeymoon in Bora Bora. He's probably been starved for love for a while and is desperate for a relationship with any shadow of a compatible human partner.

Let him down lightly if you don’t want to get phone calls about him standing under your window at 3AM. It could happen.

Is the man of your dreams playing in this weekend's flag football tournament? Check it out at Kapiolani Park today and tomorrow. Come to Bacchus tonight to meet some of the visiting and local players. You'll be glad you did.