In the Hunt

Bacchus was the starting line and finish line of last night's Amazing Race!

Not really, but it seemed like that! The Aloha Classic players and friends were challenged to a Scavenger Hunt. Ty put together an outstanding and diverse set of challenges that took the hunters to all parts of Waikiki and beyond (Kailua???). What's most incredible is that the players had to gather as many points (by taking photos and collecting items) as they could within 2 hours!

When it was all said and done, one team took a big risk and ventured to Kailua to the Kalapawai Cafe and took a photo for 100 points! No other team came close to 100 points.

Before and after the hunt, there was plenty of fun at Bacchus. Visitors were surprised by guest bartenders Pauli and Nicky. We were so happy to have them back.

Take a peek at some photos from the evening at Bacchus.

Come back to Bacchus today for some delicious cocktails before or after today's Aloha Classic games at Kapiolani Park. Tomorrow's a holiday, so get your drink on!