Coming Close

DJ Matt sets the soundtrack for tonight's party. Join us for $6 Absolut (all flavors) and the friendliest bartenders in Waikiki. Never a cover. Always fun!

This Friday Fantasy gets a little explicit. So stop reading right now if you're skittish about gay men, sex and all that jazz.

Troy and Vin are long-time buddies.

They met online in 2006 in a gay website's video chatroom. If you asked them today, they probably couldn't even remember the name of the site. It was one of those sites where 24 guys were chatting, but you could "go private" if you found a guy with whom you wanted to have a more "revealing" chat.

Back then, Troy and Vin were both lonely on a weekend night and thought they'd check out video chat and discovered they were instantly attracted to each other - visually. They "went private" and discovered that they were attracted to each other - sexually and emotionally. Through typed conversation, they uncovered the fact that they both had a kinky side.

Their online "relationship" has continued for over 10 years now. They've never met in person. Troy lives in Prague and Vin lives in Honolulu. A half-world away, they meet up every weekend and spend hours in front of their computer screens, naked, aroused, talking each other through imaginary scenarios.

Vin is more imaginative; he brings Troy along for the ride in his spoken fantasies. In doing so, he likes to edge.

He likes to come nearly close then he purposefully stops all stimulation in order to delay it so that the ultimate result will be more intense.

In Honolulu, with his "in person" partners, Vin gets into using restraints. He ties them up so they can't touch themselves then Vin edges them close before intentionally and abruptly halting. It sometimes gets so intense that the withheld eruption becomes a form of erotic torture going on for hours.

Online with Troy, in order to play out the same scenario, Vin has to tell him to stop. He shouts, "hands up!" meaning Troy has to show both hands then wait 30 seconds before he can go back to business.

This is how last night's conversation ended:

Troy said, "Vin, I'm right on the edge. How close are you, buddy?"

"I'm right there with you."

"Bring it on!" Troy shuddered…

…and the next 30 seconds were pure bliss. The long-awaited-for ending had arrived.

Their chats always end with a smile.

Vin cleans up and heads out for a drink- usually to Bacchus. He's thinking of inviting someone back and asking him if it's okay to live stream their encounter to show Troy in Prague.

Head to Bacchus tonight or tomorrow night and try to spot this sexy hunk. Maybe you'll get to meet his sexy friend Troy. If you do, tell us about it, don't leave us on the edge.....