Timeout for Jockeys

Tonight is TRIVIA NIGHT. Come by before 7pm and secure your spot at a table or at the bar. It's gonna be a super fun night of brain-teasing, questions that'll make you want more and more. It's free and fun.

Every Thursday our blog post about sexy athletes who we'd love to share a cocktail with- maybe loosen them up with a shot of $5 tequila (Thursdays at Bacchus) and see where it goes. We call this our Timeout series. Today, we're looking at a category of athletes - Jockeys.

Jockeys are athletes. Many of them have rippling abs and there's something sexy in the facing-danger thing, a guy who puts it on the line to go speeding down the track on the back of a thoroughbred.

Beefcake? Hardly. At between 5' 1" and 5' 6" and under 115 pounds, you might consider them petit filets. But check out their abs. :-)

Hot is hot and it's more about quality than size.

Being a horse jockey involves much more than sitting on a horse. To be a successful jockey, you must be exceptionally physically fit. The exercises involved with being a jockey focus on building muscle strength, stamina and endurance, which include exercises such as swimming, yoga and running.

With the heavy training that jockeys undergo every day, you would think that they can at least eat whatever they want. However, a jockey’s diet is all about restrictions and portions. Professional jockeys are careful not to eat a lot of red meat since it tends to stay in the system for a long time. In addition, overloading on carbohydrates is a big no-no. Fish, vegetables, and a little bit of carbohydrates obtained from bread, rice, or noodles are staples in the diets of jockeys.

With the strict training they undergo and severe restrictions in eating, one can only wonder if they still have time for their personal lives. After all, being a jockey is all about being in shape all the time and sacrificing most of your social life in the process to achieve perfection in racing. Is the $6.5 million reward still too big for them?

It sounds pretty reasonable if you ask me.

Now, we know that the jockey athlete is quite a different species from the hunks with horses we found on our image search, like these guys:

You wouldn't believe some of the images we are not showing. GULP! We agree with PETA and support the prevention of cruelty to animals, including racehorses.

So, if you're into horses or just into thoughts of a riding strong muscled steed, come to Bacchus and throwback a few $5 tequilas today and stay for Trivia tonight at 7pm.  You'll be glad you did. :-)

And, Animal phrases will be a category in tonight's trivia match. Horse collars or donkey balls anyone? :-)