Sensual Senselessness

The weekend is finally here. Come on over to Bacchus! Today and tonight we'll serve you your cocktail or brew of choice including $6 Absolut - all flavors! Tonight, DJ Matt lights up our screens and speakers with his special mixes and videos. Saturday we welcome you to join us for $6 Jack Daniels and DJ Kuya at 10PM. Super Bowl Sunday, Tuki opens the bar early and sets the stage for the HIGFFL Super Bowl Beer Bust at 12:30pm. The game will be broadcast, commercials will be judged, Jell-O shots will be consumed, Lady Gaga will be amazing and outstanding raffle prizes will be won. No cover, always fun. Join us!

Today, we continue our Friday Fantasies series and take a look at some light s&m. Always been curious about which 'shade of gray' you will end up landing on? Leaning toward the dark side?

Do dark rooms make your nervous and on edge? They have good reason too. It's said that 80% of the sensory information your brain receives is from sight. So, it's only natural to be apprehensive of what you can’t see…but you never know what experiences you might miss out on.

Not ready for that brave jump inside a dark room? No problem, it's not for everyone.

Start your fantasy slow by using a blindfold. Control your anxiety of the unknown by knowing that you may remove the blindfold at any time and regain your bearings. In the 70 & early 80s, if the guy you met in a bar was wearing a black hanky, you'd know he was into S&M. That might be a useful bit of knowledge for trivia buffs. Here's a little primer on starting out easy:

1. Experiment with power play.
Blindfolds are a great way to shift the balance of power in a relationship from time to time. If you are not usually the dominant one when it comes to sex, blindfolding your partner might give you the confidence you need to take the reins once in a while.

2. Take advantage of your dominant streak.
Blindfold your partner and ask him to do specific things to you. Instruct him to perform amazing oral sex or allow him to run his hands up and down your body. You’ll love watching him enjoy exploring your body as if it’s his first time.

3. Pleasure your blindfolded partner.
While he's blindfolded, do things to him, too. Kiss, stroke, and lick him while he's deprived of sight. Then, change pace or stop altogether to create waves of anticipation. Slow way down or don’t move until he begs you to please touch him again.

4. Take inspiration from the movies. In the movie 9 ½ Weeks, Mickey Rourke blindfolded Kim Basinger in the kitchen and teased her with all kinds of different foods. It was super hot. You can do the same thing by creating a smorgasbord of sexy, tasty foods to tempt and excite your blindfolded partner. Make sure to include plenty of lickable treats.

5. Remember, it’s all about sensation.
Being blindfolded heightens the other senses. Run an ice cube over your partner’s body when he least expects it to really enhance those heightened senses.

Are you unnerved by lack of control? Then be in control; be the one in charge. Take control to make your partner desire for more. Sensual teasing and rewarding your blindfolded partner may just turn into a night to remember.

Whether you want to see or be seen, with a blindfold or without, come find someone at Bacchus tonight and start to explore.