Finishing the Job

Come to Bacchus today for $3 Margaritas, $4 Baker + Butcher sandwiches and FREE Trivia Night at 7pm. We might just ask a few questions about Fantastic Finishes or Blown Leads…

WOW! What a Super Bowl. We had a packed house to watch the game yesterday and our customers joined the men and women of the HIGFFL to help raise funds for the league. Thanks to Steve, Ty, Jim, Bobby, Dayne, Aaron, Paul, Warren, Evelyn and all others who helped in the success of the event. Below are some photos...and after the photos, some words about edging...

If you watched the Super Bowl, you'll know that people are calling it the greatest Super Bowl in history. But was it? The first 3 quarters were a one-sided romp by the Falcons. They just couldn't finish the job. What resulted was the greatest 4th quarter in Super Bowl history followed by a spectacular OT (the first overtime in Super Bowl history).

The event made us think about the act of "Finishing the Job." Bringing yourself to the edge and not being able to get the result you wanted in the first place. To Atlantans, the Falcons are the sadists that inflict excitement-then-withdrawal leaving you asking, "what just happened?"

To New Englanders, the Patriots were all hype and bravado, then a complete starfish who then got control of their E.D. and flipped it over and brought you to the most ecstatic climax you've ever had.

Vie for your own fantastic finish tonight when you come play trivia with us at 7PM. Teams of 2-6 player are welcome. If you're solo and need team mates, join us and we'll put you on a team. It's free and fun and lasts about 2 hours. :-)