Love in the Afternoon

Watch General Hospital today and you'll get to know sexy Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones. On the show, they met at a bar called The Floating Rib. That bar couldn't beat Bacchus' Wednesday 2-4-1 cocktail special, but we're sure their customers had lots of fun just like ours do.

These two, played by Parry Shen and Ryan Carnes are the first gay couple on the show and, after a tumultuous courtship, they were married on the show last fall.

We're so happy to see a gay couple on mainstream afternoon television. They seem to be having more sex than the straight people. Their scenes get steamy and sexy with talk of threeways and other kinky adventures. Check it out.

There was a time in the early 1980s when the afternoon soap opera General Hospital was must see TV.

Now the longest running drama in television history, General Hospital first broadcast on April 1, 1963. It focused on the drama and interplay of a few doctors and nurses in the fictional city of Port Charles, New York.

From the 1970s through today, most of the show's storylines revolved around the Quartermaine, Spencer, or Scorpio families. And from 1979 to 1988, General Hospital was the number one most watched daytime soap opera on television. This had much to do with new writers on the show and the development of more dramatic story lines including a strange one: teen Laura Webber ultimately falls in love with the man who rapes her, Luke Spencer.

How could the writers top that? Well, say hello to the Ice Princess (know this for trivia on 2/23). The Ice Princess diamond was part of a statue. That statue contained a formula for a substance called "carbonic snow" which had the ability to freeze whole cities. Whoever had the Ice Princess and the statue could control the world.

This story came about during a writer's strike and one producer called it "the most convoluted, insipid, insane... crappy idea in the world."

Luke and Laura and their friend Robert Scorpio set out to save the world! Having succeeded, the popular "supercouple" had a 1981 wedding that brought in 30 million viewers. It remains the highest-rated hour of television in American soap opera history. Elizabeth Taylor even asked to be part of the show and appeared as Helena Cassadine and cursed the couple at their wedding. The three appeared on the cover of Newsweek.

Years later, the drama of the Ice Princess freezing Port Charles, New York in the summer of 1981 remains a top moment in soap opera history.

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails. Reminisce about the Ice Princess and maybe find your own love in the afternoon. Stay tonight for the outstanding DJ Takai at 10PM.