D is for Drink

Drink with us today. Jack Daniels is $6. Tonight, everyone's favorite: DJ Takai at 10PM! No cover. Always fun!

Those of you guys taking the slow, trudging steps towards a month of sobriety for Lent (for which we’ll all envy you after) don’t quite enjoy Bacchus at the moment.

But for those out there still bravely drinking, in defiance of all cultural pressure, we wanna offer a little relief—in the form of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is responsible for strong bones and teeth and good memory, too. It's also responsible for strong and firm erections. Insufficient levels of D may spur the production of free radicals called superoxide ions which weakens blood flow - thus causing weaker erections.

And, the truth is, drinking alcohol depletes your Vitamin D stores. So, the more you drink the less Vitamin D your body has. We've got the solution: Milk.

But, instead of bathing in milk, why not mix a little Vitamin D into the cocktail itself?

Sure, it’s no detox, but it is a way to bring a little bit of health into your regimen.

Turns out a few of the best ways to get Vitamin D in your drink (unless you want mushrooms in your martini) is through dairy or fortified non-dairy drinks. Try a CAFE COCKTAIL. It's drink with milk, coffee liqueur, and coffee—meaning you’ll get two ways to put a little pep in your step.

Another cocktail is the WARM WOOLLY SHEEP. This drink is well named. Scotch of your choice—plus Drambuie (a Scotch-based honey spiced liqueur), and milk, that classic source of Vitamin D so many of our moms pushed on us as kids.

The third way we suggest you try to get a significant amount of Vitamin D into a cocktail is to go the way of the mushroom. Try a TRUFFLE PIG. Mix Vitamin D-packed Hen of the Woods (aka Maitake mushrooms) with spices, rosemary, lemon juice, and añejo tequila. Definitely a more complex way to get your vitamins, but if you make them in quantity (at home, we don't mix up those frou-frou cocktails at Bacchus,) you’ll blow friends’ minds.

Come to Bacchus and order up a cocktail that'll keep your cock firm. One that mixes the finest liquors with dairy (milk, of course).