The Lost Hour

Early this morning in the USA, most areas set their clocks ahead 1 hour. We don't observe Daylight Savings Time in Hawaii anymore. In fact, the last Daylight Savings Time observed in Honolulu was in September, 1945.

Daylight saving time was devised to ensure agricultural laborers worked appropriate number of hours in the day and a peculiar quirk in the winter months, in various countries throughout the world clocks are brought back 1hr.

Meaning effectively 1hr of the year gets lost and unaccounted for; it disappears.

Which makes us think:

If you knew one hour was going to be erased from your life what you liberate? It wouldn't change history or any event. What would you do?

We asked a few fellows their thoughts and told them to keep it light hearted. Here's what they had to say:

I'd go to the Green Bay packers locker room to find Aaron Rodgers jockstrap and jersey. See if he smells like a winner.

I'd change bodies with a hairy man and see what it felt like to have a sexy furry chest.

I'd be Jon Hamm/Don Draper (but be gay) and be an incredibly creative top with a huge cock.

I'd slap handcuffs on the greediest people in the world.

With no long-lasting repercussions, I'd have an orgy where I'm the center of attention. And Alex O'Laughlin from Hawaii Five-O has to be a participant. And everybody orgasms at the same time.

What would you do? Would you let it all hang out?

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy time with Tuki and the make-your-own bloody mary bar. Later this morning, the Aloha Bears join us for a Second Sunday Catamaran Cruise meet up and post-cruise luncheon. Tonight, it's easy-breezy cocktail hour as we slowly say goodbye to the weekend. We lost no time. We'll be all right.