Ask Bacchus: Labels

Even when they're drinking $2 tap beer on Tuesdays at Bacchus, people like being around those they can relate to, and it’s a proven fact you are more likely to get along with people who look like you. But when a customer asked:

Do I always have to associate with the classification (and stereotype) of what gay society labels you as?

For instance, bears hang out with bears and the other hairy-labeled groupies. Gym bunnies hang out with other muscle marys. Do these groups ever mix?

Hmmm....Good question.

And the answer is. Of course. Labels can be silly to those who don't embrace them, and labels don't mean you have to "stick to your own kind!" We recently discovered gay group labels that we never knew about. Chicken and Giraffe!

Commonly known as “twink”, the gay slang references to a young gay man who is under 23 years old. Chickens usually are hairless, with very slender bodies, and almost no body fat. Some chickens like to hang around other chickens, and when more then 2 chickens are together, it is called a chicken coop. Common traits include: Professionally done hair, designer clothes, ability to wear things others want to punch them for being able to fit into, and for some chickens, an annoying high pitched voice. Also big dicks, bottoming, and being incredibly cute at times are common, but we don’t want to stereotype.

Apparently, by definition, giraffes are gay men who are incredibly tall. When I say tall, I mean 6’5” and beyond. If Michael Jordan was gay, he would be a gay giraffe. You can usually see these people buying SUV’s to fit their long legs, getting custom made suits, and will have a gaggle of drooling gays around them because tall people are somehow more important to society. That is also a proven fact, tall people are looked up to as more important. Go figure. Sadly, there is no way around this one, if you aren’t tall, you won’t be in this club.

Chicken, giraffe, otter, bear, zebra!
We've got to mix it up to make our lives more complete!

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy $2 tap beer and enjoy Pi Day (trivia 3.14) with a pint of Angry Orchard and a shot of Fireball (we'll call it an Apple Pie shot) for just $5.