Got Your Back

When Wednesdays come around, we're always excited to offer you 2-4-1 cocktails. Every now and then, partners or two friends will come in and order the same drink. One might adjust his order to accommodate his friend's peculiar take on a martini- just to get the two-fer.

One of the wonderful things we have to offer each other in our friendships is to have each other’s back. It's great sharing happy moments, but all too often, we don't share our struggles with others for fear of being a burden or appearing overbearing.

But, having each other’s back is of one of the great benefits of a loving relationship.

Being there for each other in very difficult times is one of the things that relationships are about. Without this caring and support, we feel very lonely. We all need love and support when we are having a hard time or facing very challenging situations.

That's where your friendly neighborhood bar comes in. :-)

We're here to lend an ear and to help facilitate any connection. We're happy to steer you toward a local group that will suit your mindset- be it The Aloha Bears, The Hawaii Gay Flag Football League, The Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu, Man OH, H4 Bar, and our hard-working Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation/Honolulu Pride.

There's a vast network of gay men and women in Honolulu and there's so much fun to be had. Come visit Bacchus and talk to our bartenders, bar backs, doormen and owners. They'll be happy to give hints and tips to make your time in Oahu one you'll always cherish.

DJ Matt plays tonight at 10PM. No cover. Always fun!

Got your back? You mean "watch your back" every March 15! According to Shakespeare, many moons ago, a soothsayer told Julius Caesar, "Beware the Ides of March." The "ides" were nothing foreboding, it just meant the 15th of the month. Turns out, members of Caesar's senate would assassinate him that very day.