Harnessing Communication

Join us tonight for the Bacchus GEAR party at 10PM with the outstanding DJ Takai setting the right mood. Dress in black and gear and get a chance to win a $100 Mr. S gift certificate.

While many will have a simple arm band and/or one piece of rubber, leather or a mask, many will be wearing harnesses…

We thought it might be good to help you out on identifying the names of some sexy harnesses. You'll see the one you might want to order when you win that gift certificate. Read on…


This is a fetish classic, great for wearing out to bars and events as well as for a hot scene at home. One and a half inch wide leather straps adjust to fit your chest with chrome snaps which connect to two chrome O-Rings. Grab the ring firmly, front or back, when you're riding or pounding.


Whether out with the rest of the daddies or at home with your favorite cub, when you wear these tough looking leather suspenders respect will be given every time!

With straps made of medium weight garment leather and a rear harness patch of heavy leather, these crisscrossing suspenders have a rough bondage look that's sure to turn heads. The 1.5 inch wide straps have adjustable snaps up front and on the rear to give you the restraining fit that you crave. Metal clips secure easily to belt loops, while halter rings on the chest give the possibility to attach your favorite restraint or control devices. Nickel-plated hardware makes this piece shine throughout, adding plenty of gleam to complement your glistening chest!

Bruiser Bulldog

This upper body leather harness frames your upper torso for a fully strapped look that frames your pecs and shoulders, and fits snugly and comfortably. The chest straps snap close with adjustable nickel-plated snaps that meet just under the armpit, while each shoulder strap features a simple, handsome nickel-plated steel buckle.


The Champion harness eschews complicated buckles in favor of simple snaps for a highly adjustable fit over one shoulder, with support straps under each arm.


Declare war! This harness comes with 4 shoulder strap buckles and 1 collar buckle to hold it firmly in place. The collar even has a D-ring in the front for easy leash or lead attachment. There's a definite military-vibe to this piece, and not just because it looks like a shoulder holster. Mount up and ship out with The Combat harness tonight!


Because of the Roman (Bacchus) nature of the style, twenty raffle tickets for the man who shows up in this harness tonight. It features two adjustable buckling underarm straps, while the over-the-shoulder strap is fastened together with rivets. The asymmetrical design is striking and attractive, with both nickel-plated buckles fastening above the nipples, drawing the eye to your chest, asking the silent question, "Are you not aroused?!"


This 2-strap leather shoulder harness is perfect for the man who wants a minimalist fetish harness without a lot of bells and whistles - or buckles!

The Contender puts you in the running for best dressed at the bondage ball with its simple design: two garment leather shoulder straps secured in back with nickel-plated adjustable snaps attached to an o-ring framed between the shoulder blades.

Hope you learned something! Harnesses are sexy! WOW.

Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to see that sexy man you've been lusting after wearing? Come by tonight and take a look at the men in GEAR at Bacchus. There's never a cover and it's always fun. :-)