As Long As You Love Me!

Last night at Bacchus we saw a gathering of friends listening to great music and drinking delicious cocktails.

The crowd was diverse and our regulars and visitors intermingled with our GEAR party attendees while DJ Takai kept the vibe upbeat and sexy.

Picture the scene: It's Saturday night. Hottest gear, perfect hair, waiting on your buds to meet up and slam a few. You meet up at Bacchus last night and the DJ puts on the Backstreet Boys. The entire room of 100 people start bobbing their heads singing along and the music swells to the chorus and everyone (customers & staff) starts belting out the song:

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did; as long as love you me.

The song returns to the second verse and smiles beam from the crowd, they've just relived a memory from almost 20 years ago. Naughty Bacchus wondered if anyone stopped and thought about the meaning of the lyrics (above). Are they a horny man's cry for lusty affection?

Brandon (R) was the winner of TWO Mr. S Gift Certificates at last night's GEAR party.

Maybe! There are two main takeaways from the lyric. First, the only thing that matters in a relationship is that the guy feels loved. It doesn’t matter who you are. You could be an escapee from the insane asylum, a baby-seal clubber, a serial killer, or all three. Nor does where you’re from (you could be fresh from the state penitentiary), nor what you did to end up there. As long as you "love" him, the relationship will work. For him.

At least he’s being upfront. Isn’t that kind of honesty refreshing? Yes? Good.

The weekends are always fun at Bacchus. And the weekdays can be just as fun.

Tomorrow night is TRIVIA night at 7PM. Come compete with the regulars and visitors in six rounds of brain-teasing general knowledge and "spring-themed" questions.