Timeout for Steven B.

Thursdays at Bacchus mean $5 tequila and throwback tunes and a little feature we call Timeout. In this weekly series, we take a look at sexy athletes and some revealing photos. We offer up a virtual invitation for them to join us at the bar for a day and night of responsible tequila drinking, then see where it goes.

Steven Brewis is a talented man who combined his off-road biker prowess and physique to a career as an actor and model.

This 28 year old hottie from California has modeled in some sexy underwear shoots and fashion editorials. He's got a rock toned body and he's very dedicated to the care of his physique and posing delightfully for the lens. He's sporty and has raced - competing in BMX motocross winning a few championships and enjoys winning (perhaps trivially - like the Greek goddess of victory: Nike).

Here's a video portfolio from his younger days. Quite the throwback!

Here's a vid of him acting, a little older...

We'd love to see some tears in his tequila!

Join us today with our steamy thoughts of taking Steven for a ride....

Tequila is only $5.