Ask Bacchus: One Day

Two Dollars for Tap Beer every Tuesday at Bacchus. All Day. All Night. Come drink with us. :-)

Last night's TRIVIA was super fun! A brief recap and photos can be found on our Events page. We had returning teams and new players and some visiting from Melbourne for just one day. They thoroughly enjoyed the trivia and met some very friendly people. They did ask:

What should we do in our one full-day here to leave with the best impression of Oahu?

We suggested a helicopter tour followed by drinks at Bacchus. :-)

Bacchus always recommends that, if possible, visitors venture out of Waikiki and explore the beauty of the island. We've suggested other beaches and hikes in recent blog posts. One way to see it all, however, is a helicopter tour.


Soar through the blue skies of Oahu and learn all about the history and geography of the island. Gaze over crescent-shaped Hanuama Bay, picturesque Waimanalo Beach and the vibrant coral reefs of Kaneohe Bay. Fly over the cliffs of the lush Nu'uanu Valley rainforest, passing along the coastline to see Sacred Falls, closed to the public due to dangerous falling rocks.

Returning to the airport, enjoy sweeping views of Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri. Choose the longer flight and head west to see the shimmering beaches of Ko Olina and stunning Waimea Bay.

Which company to use? We really have no recommendation, but there's something about the phrase "discount helicopter tour" that makes us shudder a little. If we had our choice, we'd pay full price ('cuz where are the discount guys saving their $$? Maintenance?)

Your helicopter tour will leave you with the full picture of the bustling city and the amazing world of lush valleys and mountains that are so nearby. It'll leave you with the yearning to come back to Oahu, stay longer and take a closer look at some of the things you saw.

It could be a solo trip or a trip with your sexy friends. A swim off the shores of the windward coast or a surf adventure off the north shore. Whatever it is, we welcome you to finish your day at Bacchus.

We're happy to help you enjoy this rock in the middle of the ocean we call home. :-)