Where’s the Wood?

If it's Wednesday, it must include a trip to Bacchus for 2-4-1 cocktails. Tonight, you'll enjoy the latest and greatest from DJ Kuya. Delicious cocktails. No cover. Always fun.

The wooden nickels sitting in your pocket or in that stack on your dresser are worth a few dollars.

In exchange for a drink, that is. So when you're doing laundry and the wooden nickels you've picked up from Bacchus on a Wednesday fall out of the pockets of your shorts, keep 'em. Use them for a drink next time you're at Bacchus. This made us think....

How do you do your laundry? Shirtless and/or in your undies like these guys?

For trivia buffs: In the United States Air Force, no airman goes on any flight without his laundry bag. In military lingo, a laundry bag is a parachute. Wonder if they ever skydive shirtless in their skivies. ;-)

Hopefully, you find lots of valuable things in your pockets when you're doing laundry in your underwear with your friends. (Is that a thing?)

If you see any wooden nickels lying around, collect them and bring them to Bacchus and use them. We ask you kindly to tip your bartenders accordingly :-) Just because you've paid with wood doesn't mean you should "stiff" the barkeep.

Join us at Bacchus with your old wood or collect new wood today/tonight. DJ Kuya will be sure to keep you entertained.