Timeout for Kit D.

In our weekly Thursday Timeout series, we've covered hunks who play ice hockey, ride horses, shoot hoops, skate in circles, drive in circles, get it done in the scrum, the pool, the gridiron, the stage, off road, on ice, on the court, and many other locales. Today, we wrap up the series with Kit Dale.

Kit is a highly trained martial artist with A black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and 2x world pro champion.

But he's so much more than that. Comedian, actor, writer and fitness guru are all monikers you can add to his bio.

This hottie with the toned body wasn't always fit and trim.

Here's what he writes about this photo set (the one of the left was taken in 2008, the one on the right in 2015):

When I tell people what I used to be like, they never believe me. I used to be so shy and introverted to the point that I would have to get dragged out by my close friends or family to leave the house at night.
I remember having my friends barge into my house and force me to get dressed to go to a party when I was 18.. I had massive anxiety. I was super unhealthy mentally and physically, Hated who I was, Had never read a book, was failing at school, hated work, mumbled and had a sever lack in confidence in all areas.

I decided one day that I had to change. And that's what I did. I studied, met mentors. Was guided onto the right path.

Went from a kid scared of everything to one traveling the world competing in one of the most difficult martial arts in the world. Winning more medals than I ever could have hoped for to having my first paid job as a working actor. Wow.

So he took matters into his own hands, overcame his anxiety, worked out his body, studied his craft. Then he became a 2-time World Champion.

Through all of it, he's kept his humor…


…and somewhere in the middle of it all, he became a bearded sensation.

Then one day, he just decided to stop competing and did so in a comedy video with his brother.

But explained it more seriously:

I slowly realised competition Brazilian jiu jitsu is not by any means the be all that ends all in jiu jitsu. Nor does it distinguish truly who the best grapplers in the world are.
It’s simply a medium in which two people battle their own demons, to see who can impose their will the most in a short amount of time. Jiu jitsu was made to finish an opponent with little effort by tiring your opponent out, using chess like strategies to catch your opponent off. This usually takes a long long time against a high level opponent, and many matches to figure out weaknesses and develop strategies. You can’t do that in 10 minutes.

These days he's got his own training site and sells meal plans for fitness for men and women. He's looking hotter than ever and posts regularly on social media (penis pancakes anyone?)

We think Kit is inspiring. We'd love to treat him to a shot of tequila today or any Thursday at Bacchus. Tequila is only $5 and it's bound to make him loosen up and joke with us.

We leave you with this inspiring quote from Kit:

The quicker you stop blaming your situation on external circumstances and start controlling what you can, the quicker you will start moving in the direction you want!

*the definition of BJJ will be a question at Bacchus trivia night, April 3rd.