Like a Trusted Companion

Saturdays means the make-your-own bloody mary bar is in full operation. Tonight DJ Takai brings his groove to Bacchus. Come visit Tuki this morning or any of the guys later on for $6 Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Whiskey is truly the booze-lover’s spirit. Like a trusted lap dog, the brown spirit is there for you whenever you need it, however you need it.

Lap dogs? Here are some gratuitous photos of hunks with Jack Russell Terriers. :-)

By the way, Jack Russell Terriers have their origins in fox hunting (trivia). More hunks with hounds below....but first back to the other Jack, Jack Daniels!

Purist? Whiskey is outstanding on its own or with a trusted ice cube companion. Like to shake it up? The brown spirit can work in harmony with a number of other ingredients. And like any good friend, whiskey is there for you in a pinch. Try these whiskey-forward cocktails when you come to Bacchus.

The Old Fashioned
Perfect for those short on time and in need of a boozy kick. This drink is built right in the glass so no need to waste precious seconds finding a shaker or mixing glass. According to a book dedicated to the cocktail, onceupon a time, the bartender would hand off the bottle of whiskey for the drinker to serve himself. How’s that for simple—and fast?

The Whiskey Sour
This all-time classic cocktail is a very versatile drink, as it can be made with just about any type of spirit. However you make the cocktail, its flavors are tart citrus with just a touch of sweetness to take the edge off. Better quality whiskeys will reward you with a smoother, deeper flavor. Try Jack Daniels for a rich taste.

Here are those happy hunks and hounds we promised. :-)

Have a happy Saturday and make sure Bacchus is on your agenda! Bring your buddies!
No cover, always fun!