I've Seen You On the Beach

Monday blogs are now all about music. Here's the first in what hopes to be a neverending series. :-)

We all know that Duran Duran is coming to Hawaii in mid-July. The concerts are already sold out. But instead of sulking around sad that you didn't get a ticket, you should remember (and watch) their greatest hits! Bacchus' favorite Duran Duran vid is one of their first, "Rio!"

Click the pic (or pec) below to play Rio

Given that it’s one of the most iconic songs in the band’s discography, it’s strange to think that “Rio” is actually a bit of musical Frankenstein’s monster. The verses of the song were adapted from an early Duran Duran song called “See Me Repeat Me."

The chorus, however, was inspired by “Stevie’s Radio Station” by the band TV Eye, fronted by Andy Wickett, who – prior to Simon LeBon beginning his tenure – went on to briefly front Duran Duran as well.

The Rio music video was shot over the course of three days in May 1982 on the island of Antigua (trivia).

The 80s vibe, tropical setting and beautiful ocean were all we needed to see to fall in love with this video.

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy a $3 Margarita and ask the barkeep to play Rio for you (or anything you like- we'll play it if we have it.)