Upside Down. Boy, You Turn Me Inside Out, and Round and Round.

The weekend is here and you know how to make it just right. Spend some time with the sexy bartenders of Bacchus Waikiki. Our drink specials, tasty sandwiches, excellent djs and superior service all add up to an outstanding experience. Join us. No cover. Always fun. You'll flip!

When Diana Ross sings, Upside Down, she tells a tale about being smitten with a guy so much that she ignores his cheating…

…Our post is about the other kind of upside down, and by that we mean flip-flopping. Today's Friday Fantasy is about giving and taking.

Most good sexual encounters involve preparation, lots of preparation. To quote another writer:

Sex is a wonderland of fluids, lotions and lubes.

It's what Billy was thinking when he walked into Bacchus last Friday night. He was raring to go. He was looking for fun and hoping for a hook-up. He walked up the stairs, showed his ID and opened the door. The music was just right and the crowd was bopping along.

The red overhead lights set the right mood - suggesting a sexy vibe. He walked over to the bar and was about to order a drink when he spotted James - alone, leaning against a stool, his back to the bar.

Billy couldn't stop himself. He blurted out "God you're cute!"

Then he just kind of froze, realizing what had just come out of his mouth and then said "Sorry... I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"No biggie," James said with a slight chuckle, and moved over closer to Billy adding "Actually, I think you're super cute too."

Billy blushed from ear to ear, and they stood there for a moment staring at each other. Billy then thought "what the hell!" and moved in to kiss him.

Their lips met and their tongues lashed back and forth. Billy thought, 'man what an amazing kisser!' His whole body felt like it was on fire, and he started to feel himself getting stiffer and stiffer below the waist as they stood near the bar.

The kiss ended and James turned to the bar to get his drink and his hand slightly brushed up against Billy's crotch.

"That feels so good..." Billy whispered.

James just smiled a wicked smile.

"Follow me." Billy said and then headed toward the door.

"Wait." James shouted. "Why don't we have a drink."
Billy stopped in his tracks and returned to James and smiled another sexy smile. They turned to the bartender who was watching their interaction intently.

"What'll it be?" the barkeep asked.

"Bikini Blonde," Billy said with a wink as he looked back at the blond curls on the top of James head. "Is that a local brew or just visiting?" he asked while directing his gaze at James. It was his play on words to try to figure out whether James was in Hawaii on vacation or whether he was a local.

James, like the beer, was from Maui*, although he was originally from Texas.

James ordered a Absolut and soda with a lime.

James paid, grabbed their drinks and went to one of the tables and sat down. Then he quickly moved in between Billy's legs and leaned over to kiss him.

"Why don't we head back to my hotel room in a few minutes?"

After downing their drinks quickly, they soon were in Billy's room at the Aqua Oasis.

What happens next? What do you think? Write to us and tell us.

We'll finish out this story next Friday. Meawhile, find your own fantasy today and anytime this weekend at Bacchus. :-)

*Trivia hint for Monday, March 6th.