Ask Bacchus: Winning/Sexy

Last night, ten teams played Trivia at Bacchus. Thanks to Ty for guest hosting. It was a fantastically quizzical night with 3 out of 6 rounds of themed questions about beards: Chef and author James Beard, beards (women who marry gay men), and bearded movie characters. Check out the full set of photos from Trivia Night on our Events page.

A bar patron commented recently about the staff at Bacchus. He said, "What an excellent group you've got. They're all so different, but the things they have in common is that they're all friendly and they're all sexy."

What is sexy?

And by that, we mean: how do you determine whether someone is sexy or not?
To some, it's purely physical. Muscle and brawn, a well coiffed haircut or trimmed facial hair, or the right tattoo in the right place.

One of our favorite definitions of sexy, from Christopher Walken of all people:
"I think sexy has nothing to do with sex. Sexy has to do with not knowing what's coming next."

Bacchus thinks that

Sexiness is found in the subtleties of behavior.
It's in the way a man walks, talks, smiles, laughs and interacts with others.

We like the film maker Elvis DiFazio's depiction of sexy in these three brief videos.

Whether it's the way a man smiles and moves when he's drinking beer (take a look).

By the way, all tap beer is just $2 today and tonight at Bacchus!

Sexy can be found in the power plays (take a look).

Sexy is also found in the innocence of inexperience and in the development of romance.

In essence, sexy is everywhere. Come see what's sexy at Bacchus today.