Timeout for Jeremy P.

It's another installment in our ongoing Thursday timeout series where we take a close look at sporty men from around the world. Take time out today and enjoy $5 tequila at Bacchus!

Say hello to French model and winner of Italian Cup Judo, Jeremy Parisi. His sexy physique led him to the fashion industry but he feels “shy” being called a sex symbol.

He's from Italy but grew up in Paris. He studied political, economic and social sciences but after graduation he decided to focus on sports and more specifically, judo.

He worked his way up to the high level first division and managed to win the Italian cup in Judo. He also joined the French national team in jujitsu fighting. The martial art of judo is derived from jujitsu.

When Jeremy is on the mat, there's no doubt that his competitors love to grapple with him (and get weak in the knees). He loves sports. Take a look at this sensual video.

A career in modeling did not take long to get in Jeremy’s life. He went to a photographer, took some pictures and send them to an agency. That’s how it all started.

On being called a sex symbol: “I have to admit that it is a really nice feeling but I try not to think about it. Being a sex symbol makes me feel shy”.

We don't think he's too shy in this video:

For anyone who wants to become a model, Jeremy explains that discipline plays a major role. “Someone who wants to start modeling needs to be more organized and have discipline with everything including, sleep, food and exercise”.

Also, Jeremy says that he hates going to the gym and prefers to train own his own. When it comes to his daily routine, things are really simple; ”If I’m not doing a photoshoot or filming in a studio , I wake up early and eat breakfast. Afterwards, I train for two hours, check my emails and go to some auditions. A typical night consists of watching movies."

Last summer, Jeremy visited Mykonos for the first and he had an amazing time there. There's no doubt that the men of the island fell in love and longed for private moments with this sexy hunk. Many men sunbathe nude in Greece and Jeremy was no exception. Sigh.

Jeremy, you're from Italy and grew up in France and love the islands of Greece. A trip to Hawaii should be next on your agenda.

If so, please come visit us at Bacchus. We'd like to get to know you better. You're welcome to a shot of tequila. For everyone else on Thursdays, it's $5. :-)