Upside Down, Part 2

Friday means it's time to let go. Come to Bacchus and enjoy any Absolut flavor for $6 and a delicious Baker + Butcher sandwich for $4. DJ Matt lights up our video screens tonight and his music will have you bopping to the beat.

Last week we began a Friday Fantasy and asked you to give us some of your thoughts about what happened. We received numerous responses - most of them quite erotic and some right out of an x-rated movie. Let's see how it all turned out. (NSFW)

James and Billy met at Bacchus, hit if off right away. After downing their drinks quickly, they soon were in Billy's room at the Aqua Oasis.

As soon as the door closed, they embraced and kissed passionately. In the frenzied moments, they both stripped off their shirts. James pushed Billy back on the bed. They wrestled around in a lusty way and soon were laying side by side in their underwear.

James ran one hand up Billy’s inner thigh from his knee to the crease of it, pressing teasingly against his hot spot through his boxers.

“I can't wait to get in there,” James exhaled.

"That's not my thing," Billy shudders, trying to pull away from the contact on instinct and trying to push back into it because James is so sexy and it feels weird and way too much and it has his whole body lit up from the inside out. He’s embarrassed by the noise he makes when James pulls his hands away, but he’s not sure if it’s relief or dismay.

“I think you're teasing me,” James says with a wink, leaning over Billy to grab something from the nightstand. Patrick hears the soft click of a cap.

Billy wasn't sure what he wanted and said, "I don’t know if I can…”

“C’mon, let me do this for you.”

And it’s not like Billy could say no to that. “Y-y-yeah,” he said, not really sure what he’s agreeing to.

When it was all over Billy’s head was heavy on James' chest, drifting in and out of consciousness as James held him, hand warm against the cool skin of his back. Their room was cold, air chilled by the soft hush of an overhead fan and the low hum of the AC. Billy hadn’t realized, too overheated with arousal and a little humiliation about submitting so freely to care about the temperature.

“You cold, sweetheart?” he asks, the vibrations of his words comforting to Billy as they rumble through his chest.

"Nope. But I'm ready for round two."

They made their way to the shower and their night continued. This time, the roles flip flopped.

And they didn't stop there.

Come to Bacchus today and maybe you'll find the man who will turn your world upside down. Never a cover. Always fun.