What’s a tequila story? The term used to describe a crazy past event that occurred while deeply under the influence tequila. This usually is an embarrassing event. Here's one guy's tequila story. We've called it:

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith!

Darryl drank tequila for the first time in the summer of 2005, at the tender age of 21.
He drank it for the worst of all possible reasons... see, there was this guy......Louis!

Darryl was convinced that if he drank enough, he could stop thinking about Louis for at least one night...he had it pretty bad for him, and it made it worse that he was a good friend.

He got a bottle from his parent's home bar, and started drinking around 1pm. At that point the only thing that he had eaten at all that day was a Pizza burrito around 9 in the morning. He started with the tequila mixed with ReaLime (sounds trivial, but it's that fruit juice that's packaged in squeezable green plastic fruit). He mixed it up in an empty Mountain Dew can.

By 3pm, he had drunk about 3 inches past the neck of the bottle, and was feeling pretty giddy. Then, inspiration struck...He decided to walk to Louis' house.

He managed to get there ok and knocked on the door, and when Louis opened it, Darryl greeted him by falling over. Then Darryl proclaimed his undying love, interspersed with begging him to give me a chance to apologize once he was sober....

Louis was not really surprised. He had been cockteasing Darryl for years and was waiting for this moment. He helped Darryl up and invited him in. Then, in an attempt to change the subject, said, "Let's go swimming!"


"Let's drive up to Waimea and jump of the rock."

Darryl was perplexed and let Louis know, slurring "Dude, I just told you that I loved you and your response is 'let's go swimming?'"

"I love you, too dude, let's just go."

Louis gathered a two towels and a few water bottles and stuffed them into his backpack, grabbed his keys and then pushed Darryl out the door toward the car.

On the drive to Waimea, neither of them said a word. Thirty minutes later they arrived. Because it was summer there was no surf anywhere on the north shore. The sand seemed to just stretch forever. The conditions were calm - the way it always is - in the summer.

Darryl wasn't calm, he was sobering up and starting to feel unsure of what was going on. He eyed Louis as they swung into the parking spot. It seemed that Louis was okay with Darryl's drunken confession. At least he hoped he was.

They started walking toward the rock – a big black monolith sticking 25 feet out of the sand and water on the left edge of the bay. The rock was just high enough to seem a little intimidating without really threatening any serious danger.

Darryl knew that the rock was easy to climb from the end that appears to have run aground on the beach; and its smooth surface was mercifully easy on his bare feet.

They climbed to the highest point - right in the middle of the rock. There, Louis stripped off his shirt and kicked off his sandals and winked at Darryl.

Darryl blushed for two reasons, the spark he felt from the wink and the embarrassment of being caught staring at Louis' tanned chest and muscled arms.

"You wanna do this?" Louis smirked and raised an eyebrow, hoping Darryl would understand the double meaning of his question.

Darryl closed his eyes, wondering if he was in a tequila haze and imagining it all. He surprised himself when he started peeling off his shirt. He was grinning ear to ear. He walked over to Louis and grabbed his hand and said, "Yes."

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