Pickup Secret #2

Every Wednesday (day and night) pick up two drinks for the price of one. The extremely talented DJ Takai spins tonight. No cover. Always fun. Click here for last week's Pickup Secret.

He's excited, eager, wants more. Now.

When was the last time that worked? Really. When you see a sexy man and you go over and introduce yourself, the hardest thing is not to come across as too keen. Body language is important. Something as simple as a casual brush on the back while you're talking, as you're picking up your drink…

…or positioning your stool toward his is enough to clue him in that you're interested. All of a sudden your prospects may go from black and white to full technicolor (like when Dorothy opens the door when her house lands in Munchkinland)*

And don't give your number out to every guy who walks in, just ask them for theirs!

Pretty soon you may be enjoying his company in a more intimate setting. :-)

Use this advice when you join us today and tonight at Bacchus. Get your 2-4-1 cocktails and say "hey" to Takai when he starts spinning at 10PM.