Take On…

Friday is Absolut-ly outstanding at Bacchus. $6 Absolut- all flavors. RuPaul's Drag Race at 5PM. DJ Matt at 10PM. No cover. Always fun!

Sometimes the best way to flirt with a guy is to find something in common and share your memories. Like the first time you heard a song...

Thirty-two years ago, the Norwegian pop group a-ha topped the charts with their irresistible synth-pop gem — and revolutionized music videos.

Few people don't recognize the notes of the song's intro. It often engenders an ear-to-ear smile. Click below to watch.

The video mixed live action with rotoscoping illustration (trivia) —never before used in a music video. It took 4 months to make, but in the end, it was worth it!

The video garnered 6 MTv Moon Men and lead singer Morten Harket became an international sex symbol... His chiseled, toned body and high cheekbones were the epitome of 80s hunkdom.

The band is still taking on the world. Despite a farewell tour in 2010, a-ha released a 2015 album, Cast in Steel, and toured in 2016. Here's Harket today. Still handsome. :-)

Take on the weekend. Join us!
A toast to a-ha, a toast to the weekend, a toast to a good time at Bacchus!