The Four J's

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The Four Horsemen is a cocktail containing four hard liquors and named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse*.

The name of the drink is derived from the fact that the most common brand names of each ingredient are also male given names and the drinks have a high alcohol content (and therefore tend to have a very strong effect on your physiology). Additionally, the four brand names usually all begin with the letter "J", giving further unity to the concept of the "Four Horsemen".

The Recipe:
Add to a shot glass, 1 part each of:
• Bourbon whiskey (Jim Beam)
• Irish whiskey (Jack Daniels)
• Scotch whisky (Johnnie Walker)
• Tennessee whiskey (Jameson)

Drink it. Take off your shirt. Hang with your friends. Pose for pictures. :-)

No regrets. Try a variation?

  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Adds one part of Bacardi 151
  • Four Horsemen on a Mexican Trail - Adds one part Jose Cuervo
  • Four Horsemen Go Hunting - Adds one part of Wild Turkey
  • Four Men in a Boat - Adds one part of Grand Marnier
  • Four Horsemen Go to Sea - Adds one part of Captain Morgan
  • Four Horsemen Go To Hell - Do one of each liquor in short form (5 total). One shot Jack Daniels, one shot Jim Beam, one shot Johnnie Walker, one shot Jamesons and the last shot is Bacardi 151 that you may or may not light up.
  • Four Dudes in a Tub - This variant replaces whiskey with the following malt liquors: Mickey's, Olde English 800, Saint Ides, and King Cobra.
  • Three Horsemen & a Drummer - Jack, Jim, Johnnie, and Drambuie

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Trivia buffs should know that these characters appear in the Book of Revelations, the last book in the New Testament.