The Internet Is For ___

Yesterday we had fun with April Fools. Today, we'll challenge you to read about the effects on porn while showing you NC17 images. Oh, the things we'll do to get you to read our blog. :-) And don't forget trivia night tomorrow at 7pm. Look for a hint to a question in the copy below.

We love to be titillated with sexy images of handsome men's treasure trails and hot bodies. With the recent end of internet privacy vote in the US, we may have to be mindful of our image searches and video viewership. In all likelihood, men will still gravitate toward online pornography. Some delve deeper and deeper and become more and more obsessed.

According to recent science, porn is a supranormal stimulus — it activates "normal" reward mechanisms in our brains, but at such a high level that we wind up perceiving it to be much more pleasurable than the average arousing stimulus.

But our brains become desensitized and develop a need for even more novel stimuli in order to reach the same level of arousal and excitement.

Thus begins the spiral into more hardcore porn and higher quantities of it. In some cases, men can develop a psychological addiction to pornography and it can begin to interfere with their sex and social lives. In rare cases it can be debilitating in both.

Researchers debate whether or not porn addiction is a real addiction, but the semantics don’t change the fact that many people experience real problems with porn.

Porn may completely skew your perception of what beauty is and gives you unreasonable standards for sex with the men you meet.

If you’ve ever had an otherwise beautiful man naked in your bed and been unable to ignore his tiny blemishes or asymmetries to the point where you have trouble getting turned on, then you know what we're talking about.

Chances are you’re not a porn addict, but if you’re a man under the age of 35,…

…it's likely that the abundant access to porn has affected you more than you realize.

Think back to the first time you watched porn. Was it at a gay version of the seedy strip club "Bada Bing" from The Sopranos? (Trivia) The mere image of an erection was probably enough for you. But sadly, for many men, over the years they devolve into darker and more twisted porn habits.

If you believe you may suffer from porn addiction — you watch porn for up to an hour per session, you have trouble getting an erection without porn, or you watch porn which does not match your sexual orientation — then I highly recommend you do a full reboot and read

When it comes to sex, Bacchus believes that "almost naked" imagery is much more sexy and alluring than full frontal nudity. The bare backside shows curves and musculature, but keeps you guessing about the front. Some may consider this soft-core porn. We think it's just right.

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