Who Is This Lolo?

So, it's April 20th. The day pot heads around the world rejoice and celebrate the magical herb. At Bacchus, we don't judge, celebrate all you want, yet be mindful of others and please exhale long before you enter the bar. :-)

Of course, we prefer that you enjoy tequila today! And, like every Thursday, a shot of tequila is only $5. That's any tequila on our shelf. No asterisks; no foolin'.

Something else you'll enjoy: the real story behind how 420 came to be associated with Marijuana. Click here or play the Soundcloud episode at the bottom of this post.

Another 420 associated tidbit for your enjoyment: Don Ho's novelty, "Who is the Lolo Who Stole My Pakalolo" click the photo below.

Yes, marijuana use is legal in Hawaii, with conditions. In 2015, some sweeping legislation regarding marijuana was passed in Hawaii and effectively, pot is legal in Hawaii for medical reasons only. Anybody without cancer, HIV, or other “debilitating” conditions, is not supposed to be touching the stuff.

Here's an article about the things you should know.

Come drink with us today and tonight.
You'll be glad you did.