Last Night and Today


It was party time at Bacchus last night. What a great turn out. DJ Takai's CONGA night was a big hit and the men and women were shaking their hips and swaying to the beats. Malcolm, Brett, Chris and Shane kept the crowd smiling. Click pics to enlarge.... (and read below).


What: 2017 Waffle-Off (part 1)
When: Today (4/23) 10:00am - 12:30pm
Why: To answer the most important question of all time: Who makes the best waffles in the Universe (part 1).

Three "chefs" will face off this morning to see who makes the best waffles. This challenge started as a bet between friends. Now it's a "thing." Come to Bacchus and show your support this morning. We've got a make-your-own bloody mary bar for you enjoy. Come later on and spend a cool day and evening in the cozy space we call Bacchus Waikiki.