Getting Wet, Part 1

This Thursday our throwback thoughts turn to trendy trunks. Come to the bar and enjoy $5 tequila today and consider this:

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of wearing the same bathing suits year after year, as we approach the summer months, Bacchus challenges you to upgrade your swimwear.

Click below for this season's runway model show for Ca-Rio-Ca Sunga Co. to see what the hunky models are wearing.

Yes. We know that most men do not have bodies like that. Bacchus loves men of all shapes and sizes and we'd love to see men of all shapes and sizes in swimwear runway shows. :-) Here's a few images from one of the only designers to use non-model hunks. Walter Van Beirendonck.

Topless men were banned from the beaches of Atlantic City in New Jersey because the city didn’t want “gorillas on our beaches.” It wasn’t until 1937 when men finally won the right to wear just swimming shorts without a shirt

Below is the first of four tips for choosing the right swimwear that will keep you looking current, trendy and well-styled for all of trips to the pool or shore:

1. Keep it Above the Knee

It is time to look at swimwear in a completely different way. Toss aside your below the knee bathing suits and choose trunks that rests slightly above the knees, or even a little shorter if you’re feeling more adventurous. Long swimsuits often look sloppy, doing nothing to accentuate your silhouette and can often make you appear wider than you actually are. A shorter, fitted swimsuit gives you a cleaner look and will elevate your swimsuit game.

Above the knee can mean any length. Find the suit that's right for you this season.

Come to Bacchus today and find the tequila that's right for you, each shot is $5- any tequila. Chase it with a delicious Baker + Butcher sandwich. :-) See you in the bar or on the beach!

And come back tomorrow for tip #2.