Pickup Secret #3

Wednesdays (day and night) are 2-4-1: two drinks for the price of one. The outstanding DJ Kuya spins tonight. No cover. Always fun. Click here for the last two Pickup Secrets.

Cash is cool.

If you’re going to pick up a hottie at Bacchus, always have cash ready. Not because he charges by the hour, inch or thrust (LOL). It's because if he wants to leave with you, you won't get held up waiting for the bartender to close your tab.

Cash has disappeared from our wallets, literally. But at most bars, cash is still king and if it’s not in your pocket, well, you could look a fool when that cutie is revving your engine and you're stuck behind someone ordering 6 Tokyo Teas. You stand there wasting time and watch the bartender mix vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec and Midori and think "how could that taste good?"

Be prepared for every situation and carry cash. Get a money clip if you're serious about it.

The perfect clip full of cash is $58, as it gives you a handful of ones for tips, two twenties for big purchases, a ten for lending to your slack-ass friend, and a five, just because. There aren’t many situations you can’t handle with $58 in your pocket. So pack cash and carry it proudly. Cash can not be denied.

We all want more money. High rollers don’t throw credit cards on tables, they throw stacks of bills. So why is your wallet light on greenbacks then? People shun cash for the “ease” of just using plastic, when the exact opposite is true. It's not about stuffing money in the go-go boy's undies....

It's about getting that hottie into a private setting quicker. :-)

Come to Bacchus today (yes, we take credit cards!) and enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails all day and DJ Kuya at 10PM.