Getting Wet, Part 2

Whet your whistle in Waikiki with a wonderful wallop of white lightning. Every Friday at Bacchus drink Absolut vodka flavors for only $6. RuPaul is on at 5PM and DJ Matt spins us right round tonight at 10PM.

In Part 1 of our spring swimwear series, we encouraged you to forego the lengthy board shorts and vie for something mid-thigh or, if you prefer, shorter!

Today, there are many swimwear styles available ranging from tightly fitting swim briefs like the original speedo or thong tanga models to roomy boardshorts. However, not everybody can pull off the swim trunks Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale, nor are they to everyone’s taste.

In an effort to break all you sex men out of the black and neutral swimwear monotony we'd say:

2. Bright Colors Are Sexy

Nothing accentuates a healthy glow like a pop of color. Wear bright colors all the time - we're in Hawaii after all. There’s no better opportunity to do this than with your swimwear. Compliment the environment you are in (the ocean, the sand, the palm trees, etc) with swimsuits that add to the picturesque nature surrounding you.

We say it all the time: CONFIDENCE is what makes a man sexy. Taking a risk with a bold, colorful swimsuit might just show off your confidence. Shop for colorful swimwear at Chubbies or Villequebrin or in Waikiki at Pull In or anywhere you like.

Come to Bacchus today and show off your bright swim trunks! Enjoy $6 Absolut, RuPaul and DJ Matt.