May I?

First Mondays mean Trivia Night at Bacchus! Join us at 7PM for six rounds of May Day fun! Teams of 2-6 players compete for the coveted Bacchus Trivia trophy shot and the token grand prize (really, the prize is tokens!). It's a rip-roaring, fun time with host Ty and bartenders Brett, then Malcolm and Luke.

If the hotel beds in Honolulu could talk....

May 1 means it's Lei Day in Hawaii.

Last year, we introduced our naughty Bacchus Lei Day quiz. This year we're reprising the list, yet we've updated the checklist with some new Honolulu hotels. See how you fare this year.

Don't worry, we're not judging. No shame! Be proud of your conquests, experience and fortitude. We do want to know your numbers. Let us know!

And in that updated list - what happened to the Maile Sky Court? Trivia buffs should know that it's been converted into a Holiday Inn Express (and that's an addition to the list). And just like those commercials that give people who stay at Holiday Inn Express insightful powers of genius, come down and test your wits against some locals and visitors tonight at 7pm.

And stop by any time today and enjoy a tasty margarita for $3. It's May Day/Lei Day, Margarita Monday Madness!