Ask Bacchus: A “Chip” on their Shoulders?

We started the current iteration of Trivia Night at Bacchus back in January 2016. Since then it's become a twice-monthly, two-hour, entertaining, quizzical and bemusing night of camaraderie and competition!

And last night's version (theme: April Showers) was one of our best ever! Ten teams competed for the coveted trophy shot and had to answer questions about Mormons and the Leonid Meteor Shower of 1833, Janet Leigh - made famous by Psycho's shower scene, and Hurricane Katrina's sustained showers and intensely gusty 125mph wind rendering it a Category 3 storm.
Check the end of this post to test yourself with our Round 6 questions.

Returning champs, Team "We're Only Here For The Chips, Too" beat out the other leading contenders Team Lady Viagra, Team Trivially Challenged, Team Queendom, Team Betty Whites, Team Potted, Team Gay 4 Pay, Team Honeys and Hotties, Team Late to the Party, and Team Ty's Guys.

Smiles, applause, booze, and, of course, what's become the Trivia Night staple: chips (but not any kind of chips- PRINGLES!)

Here's Round 6 from the April 3, 2017 Bacchus Trivia Night. See how you'd do. Identify the movie or tv show AND identify the year that the movie or episode was made. (Hint: no year repeats). Warning: NSFW (violence and nudity).

Our next Trivia Night is Monday, April 17th. Check this space daily for hints and clues to upcoming trivia nights.

Join us for our Tap Tuesday Special: All tap beer is $2.

Answers: 1. 2014 GONE GIRL, 2. 1986 FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, 3. 1998 AMERICAN HISTORY X, 4. 2012 PITCH PERFECT, 5. 1997 STARSHIP TROOPERS, 6. 2000 AMERICAN PSYCHO, 7. 1992 SCHOOL TIES, 8. 2006 NIP/TUCK, 9. 2001 OZ, 10. 2008 SEX AND THE CITY.