Pickup Secret #1

First off, pick up two drinks for the price of one today and tonight at Bacchus and stay for DJ Kuya's beats tonight. No cover. Always fun.

Is “Can I buy you a drink?" your de facto pickup line? Ditch it. Bribes generally aren't good openers.

Here are some other clunkers:

“I’m so gay I can’t even see straight.”

“Oh my God, is it real.” (while pointing at crotch)

“May I push in your stool?”

“You look hot, can I take your temperature?”

Hey, I lost my underwear, may I see yours?

Oh you’re straight? So is spaghetti, until it gets hot.

Nice ass… what time does it open?

Sure, they're funny and silly, but they're not going to get you anywhere with a man. The best pickup line is always:

Hello, my name is ______ 

Introduce yourself to a hottie at Bacchus today and buy him a drink - made easier because it's two for one wooden nickel Wednesday. See you soon.