Always a Good Idea

If the thought of tequila makes you scrunch up your face at the thought of sugary mixes and limes, time to unscrunch.

When you're drinking the good stuff, the tequila experience rivals the finest single-malt Scotch or the smoothest whiskey.

Lucky for you, the good stuff is available for $5 today at Bacchus. It's our Tequila Thursday special, and, although overindulgence of tequila is never a good thing (read about Kevin Mejía here you may be asked about him on Trivia Night 4/17).

Most of us know the dangers of too much tequila. We know what it does to us, we joke about it. Take a look at these t-shirts:

If you want to doll up your tequila and make a top shelf margarita, it'll be more than $5 depending on what other liquors you add.

We ask that you drink responsibly. Always. Come by today for a shot of $5 tequila and a fresh $4 Baker + Butcher sandwich. You'll be glad you did.