Players, Gangsters and Ballers!

Today, the Aloha Bears take over Bacchus for their pre- and post-Second Sunday Catamaran Cruise festivities. Join in on the fun starting at 11:30AM.

Last night the HIGFFL announced the 2017 team draft results at Bacchus and the place was packed. DJ Takai was playing with his new mixer and entertained us all.


This year the HIGFFL will field four teams again: The Fighter Spiders, The Savage Grizzlies, The Green Gay Packers, and the Nasty Hombres. 

Sounds like a bunch of Players, Gangsters and Ballers - all trying to be Above The Law (Commissioner Ty Law, that is!). Trivia players should know about the Gangsta rap group Above The Law and what title of their most popular song "V.S.O.P." means when it comes to brandy.

Here are some photos from the night. Click to enlarge.

We think it'll be a great season. The teams play at Kapiolani Park on Saturday at 10:30am and 12:30pm starting April 22nd. Come watch and join the sideline cheer squad, Team Mimosa!

Good luck to all the players for and excellent season and thanks for spending time at Bacchus!