Grin & Bear It

How many of us have gone out drinking with friends and downed that shot of whiskey or tequila that we knew we wouldn't enjoy (the burn, the aftertaste, etc.), but did it anyway just to get our buzz started?

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We laugh at their reactions, because we've all been there. We know exactly what their feeling. We just "grin and bear it" a trivial expression that means to accept something unpleasant with good humor.

When it comes to downing shots of hard liquor quality is more important than the quantity.

It’s definitely the quality of the spirit which gives you a lasting impression.

Don’t just gulp it down one after the other ‘cuz that’s not gonna help.

According to the top bartenders in the world, "people say dark spirits are heavy and can lead to a headache; it’s really bad spirits that contain things that make you feel bad…

…good quality is important and not just in the alcohol but even in the ingredients.”

So, since it's Tequila Thursday, a day where you can get a shot of any brand of tequila at Bacchus for $5, go for the good stuff. Maybe do a taste test of several. ;-) Add a Baker + Butcher Butcher's Cut roast beef sandwich to the mix to even yourself out.

See you today or tonight for some booze, music and fun. ;-)

A Thursday blog post wouldn't be complete without a throwback tune...Grin and Bare It (yes, a slightly different expression, but still just as fun). Click the image below to play.

All images from Tim Charles Shot Face project.