The Backward Ball Cap Guy

Labels: we assign them to everything. Wednesdays at Bacchus have a label “Wooden Nickel Wednesday” where we offer 2-4-1 cocktails and DJ Kuya at 10PM. We see groups of guys in the bar and give them labels like ‘the fashion bears‘ or ‘the A-listers.’ We also see individuals and call them out....

Overheard last week at Bacchus:

“That guy with the backward baseball cap
is so sexy.”

The sassy friend replied:

“Only douchebags wear their hats backward.”

The debate raged on for a while. It was a discussion about the 'act' of wearing a backward cap, not the physical beauty of the man in question. He is, by all accounts, very handsome. :-)

So we were curious about what the internet thought about the backward cap guy.

Of course, the Urban Dictionary's top trivial definition told us that the backward hat was worn in preparation for performing fellatio. And, of course! Who wants to be rhythmically rammed in the abdomen by a cloth-covered cardboard rim? Flip it around, like these fellas! :-)

Other internet results included a 2013 blog post on The Man Rules website where the author went on a two part tirade against backward ball caps.

Of course, the Bacchus mantra is that beauty lies within an individual's personality not his looks or fashion sense.

So what do you, our readers, think about this?

Sure there's the complete idiot (see photo below).

But there's also this Backward Ball Cap Guy (below) - we kept seeing him around the island, so with his permission, we snapped a few photos. Such a sweetie....all the while thinking about the Urban Dictionary's definition, well...we think he's divine.

Speaking of Divine, that's the name of the Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu's Beer Bust this coming Sunday at Bacchus starting at 1PM. Join us!